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March 24th

BadLock Vulnerbility

On April 12th 2016 a crutial security bug in Windows and Samba will be disclosed. We call it badlock. Engineers at Microsoft and the Samba Team are working together to get this problem fixed. Patches will be released on April 12th.


Language Matters

There are many views on what constitutes a Vulnerability Assessment versus a Penetration Test. The main distinction, however, seems to be that some believe a thorough Penetration Test involves identifying as many vulnerabilities as possible, while others feel that Penetration Tests are goal-oriented and are mostly unconcerned with what other vulnerabilities may exist.
I am in the latter group, and what follows is my argument for why you should be too.

15th March 2016

How hackers stole $80 Million

The recent cyber attack on Bangladesh's central bank that let hackers stole over $80 Million from the institutes' Federal Reserve bank account was reportedly caused due to the Malware installed on the Bank's computer systems.