Financial Institutions

Every bank and financial services organization is under constant cyber attack. The typical large bank repels more than 10 million attacks every month.
Still, most financial services organizations have trouble spotting and tracking attacks until long after they’ve occurred — and most attacks are never spotted at all. In fact, only 20% of breaches are detected by internal security organizations, according to a 2015 Verizon report. If attacks can’t be reliably detected and tracked, the risks – and the losses – can’t be effectively managed.

Kenya industrial & allied saftey Services attack intelligence can help

    • Block attacks before they target your organization
    • Web and mobile application penetration tests
    • Make automated, real-time and data-driven decisions about which connections to complete, and which to block
    • Stop data thefts while they’re still underway
    • Improve the ROI on your existing security infrastructure by helping all of your systems work smarter

Data Center Security

Protecting the data center from cyber attacks

Your data center hosts critical data and contains your core assets, including customer information, intellectual property, and other business-critical data. And with emerging trends such as Big Data, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) mobility, and global online collaboration sparking an explosion of data, the data center will only become more important to your organization and will continue to be the target of advanced malware and other cyber attacks.s

Kenya Industrial & Allied Safety Services cyber security products and solutions enable organizations to prevent, detect, and respond to advanced malware and other cyber attacks targeting the data center that routinely bypass conventional signature-reliant defenses.