Penetration Testing Services

Demonstrate Real–World Risk

The best way to know how intruders will actually approach your network is to simulate an attack under controlled conditions.
Our Penetration Testing Services team delivers network, application, wireless, and social engineering engagements
to demonstrate the security level of your organization's key systems and infrastructure. This simulation of real–world attack
vectors documents actual risks posed to your company from the perspective of a motivated attacker.

The post–assessment analysis presents logical groupings of one or more security issues with common causes and resolutions
as a finding, which allows Kenya Industrial & Allied Safety Services to quantify and prioritize the business risk to
an organization. An actionable findings matrix can be used as an overarching workflow plan that can be tracked within the
security organization. This plan is intended to assist the remediation team in prioritizing and tracking the remediation effort; consequently, each finding has been categorized according to its relative risk level and also contains a rating as to the
amount of work and resources required in order to address the finding. Each finding also contains hyperlinked references to resources and provides detailed remediation information.

Understand Real–World Risks

Penetration testing service types

    • Internal and external network penetration tests
    • Web and mobile application penetration tests
    • Wireless penetration tests
    • Social engineering security testing (physical, pre-text calling, and phishing)

The prioritized risk ratings are based on the DREAD Framework.
They take multiple business criteria into account to give you a quantitative understanding of the security posture
of your network. Our customized services approach also supports boutique engagements aligned with specific objectives or technologies. Services may include:

  • Code Review
  • Distributed denial of service (DDoS) testing
  • Malware analysis
  • Embedded device penetration testing
  • Technology and platform-specific penetration testing
  • Services may include: Other customized and threat-focused penetration testing

Prioritize Responses

Customers pursue penetration tests for a number of reasons including meeting compliance requirements such as PCI-DSS, complying with best practices such as OWASP, and ensuring that they meet contractual requirements. Kenya Industrial & Allied Safety Services security assessment contains detailed remediation information and prioritized recommendations on which to pursue first. Leverage Experts
Kenya Industrial & Allied Safety Services penetration testing teams are renowned experts who conduct close to 500 penetration tests per year. Team members are security experts who are frequently asked to present at leading industry conferences. Our penetration testers work regularly with Kenya Industrial & Allied Safety Services Labs and conduct independent research that often results in uncovering new vulnerabilities and exploitation tactics. Their research has been presented at conferences around the world and has helped countless security professionals learn how to improve their security posture against the latest threats.