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In Kenya we have a great problem with power fluctuation and voltage fluctuation, which is affecting the operations of many power operated equipment such as lifts, medical equipment and industrial electronic equipment. Thus, electronic components, microprocessor-controlled equipment and computers are being damaged, costing companies millions in repairs and spare parts. Therefore there is a great need for voltage stabilizers and UPS systems.

We have introduced a department in our company to give power solutions to our clients through the installations of power stabilizers and UPS for all microprocessor controlled equipment and all electronic equipment.

A voltage stabilizer is an electronic device able to deliver constant output voltage when input voltage and load current changes over time. A low supply of voltage can cause malfunction, while a high supply of voltage will cause serious damage. Microprocessor based and other sensitive equipment require not only a stable voltage but a clean supply, free of transient spikes and other electrical noise. Voltage stabilizers provide this, along with these other features and capabilities:

Voltage stabilizers can be used on equipment such as

Voltage stabilizers are a very reliable and economical method of stabilizing mains voltage variations of up to 50% and are used for many applications in industry, commerce, mining, aerospace, computing and telecommunications. They use a proven technology that combines solid electrical engineering with electronic sensing and control to give a continuous, smooth and very stable output voltage of ±0.25%.

Some stabilizers have some moving parts, which depending on the application will require a small amount of low-level maintenance after a long period of time. Even with moving parts they are a far more reliable method of stabilizing voltages than electronic tap-changing techniques, which due to surges and transients on the mains supply are prone to failure. The long-life and low cost of ownership makes voltage stabilizers a very economical and reliable solution.

  • Output voltage accuracy, this is maintained over the full range of input voltage variations from zero to full load irrespective of power factor, frequency variations, and ambient temperature variations from -15 to + 45°C. Three phase stabilizers will, in addition to the above, maintain the accuracy of each phase, both line to line and line to neutral, even if the input voltage, load and power factor are totally unbalanced.
  • Low internal impedance. This means that the stabilizers are capable of sustaining high surge currents.
  • Soft start ensures low voltage at the moment of switching on. Without this facility, particularly with the wide swing stabilizers, voltage surges of 85% or more can occur.
  • Minimizes wear and tear on electrical infrastructure.
  • In the elevator industry with the introduction of high power lifts of varied voltage and varied frequency (V3F) now in the market, they need a clean power supply that will not affect the microprocessor and sensitive electronic cards which are very expensive.
  • Fast response time for regulating precise voltage for the electronic equipment.
  • Stabilized Output Voltage: Can be preset to any value within these ranges • 220 to 254V output single phase • 346 to 440V output three phase • 0.1KVA to 600KVA Specications
  • The load power factor has no effect on the performance
  • The automatic control can be taken out of operation and the output voltage adjusted manually if required
  • High overload capacity – 300% overload ratedLow Environmental Pollution: Green energy.
  • Low Electromagnetic Wave Interference: Very suitable to communication system which must be kept away from electro-magnetic interference resources.
  • Low Audible Noise
  • Low Maintenance Cost: Simplicity of its Modular design and the components used, routine check up is to a minimum requirement only.
  • No Load Energy Consumption

Servo-mechanical Voltage Stabilizers

Are used to provide precise voltage for equipment such as medical scanners, office IT equipment, elevators, escalators etc. For many applications we would normally recommend a servo-mechanical voltage stabilizer. At the same time we would want to know the full details of the load and whether or not there are any other specific considerations.

Electronic Voltage Stabilizers

Unlike Servo mechanical stabilizers, are used for applications requiring extremely fast correction speed or for equipment that is located in hostile climatic conditions that need a continuously acting electronic voltage stabilizer.