The audit is conducted at the premises.
The objectives of the audit are:
    • To meet the legal requirements of the Occupational health and safety Services and Fire Risk Reduction Rules 2007
    • To identify and draw attention to fire dangers and the means by which losses can be minimized in the workplace.
    • Advise proprietors and occupants to survey their own level of fire precautions and preparedness.
    • Ensure that the existing factories, industries are made and sustained in conditions that are safe for human habitation and with proper fire prevention/protection measures taken.
    • Sensitization of the workers where safety with respect of fire hazards may appear to be compromised.
    • To assist proprietors in minimizing fire hazards and to adhere to the accepted fire safety


The risk assessment will be carried out alongside the safety and health audit.

The objective of the assessment is to:

    • To meet the legal requirements of the occupational Safety and Health ACT 2007.
    • Identify hazards (Potential for harm at the work place)
    • Identify the level of Risk for each hazard
    • Identify the controls in place that reduce or eliminate the risks
    • Identify controls or improvements that need to be put in place to avoid or reduce the risks.

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